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Evaled® Evaporator

EVALED®: an evaporation technology for industrial wastewater


Managers of industrial sites are regularly faced with the issue of how to treat effluent and industrial wastewater. They must perform such treatment in compliance with the technical and environmental standards imposed. Among the many water technologies mastered by the Veolia Group, EVALED® ensures the rapid treatment of a large volume of process water thanks to a revolutionary evaporation process.

Recycling of water polluted by industrial activity has made remarkable progress with the EVALED® range of evaporators – designed and developed by Veolia Water Technologies.
These systems produce intense heat via a hot water circuit, a steam circuit, or a network of heat pumps. The heat evaporates the wastewater: the EVALED evaporators safely and naturally realize the separation of the water portion of the waste stream from the pollutants. As a result, we obtain two streams: a distillate, more diluted and reusable, and a concentrate, usually about 5%-10% of the total volume, composed of more than 90% dry matter, that can be disposed of.
Ideal for treating and recycling wastewater from major industries and production sites, EVALED® boasts a treatment capacity of up to 120 tonnes of distillate per day (installation in battery for larger plants). Operation of the structure is fully automated and requires no operative except when maintenance is required.

Based on the recognised expertise of Veolia Water Technologies, EVALED® evaporators guarantee:
  • Very high effluent concentration ratios;
  • Water reuse and ZLD where possible and required;
  • An efficient separation process;
  • A recycling process; and
  • A significant reduction in liquid pollutant discharges.

Evaporation of effluents for many kinds of industry    

EVALED® evaporators are already a reference technology in many industrial sectors. They ensure strict compliance with all current environmental standards in terms of industrial wastewater discharge and of pollutant emissions.
These evaporators integrate various production or processing processes to meet your specifications:
  • Mining and metallurgical industry;
  • Extracting and refining petroleum products;
  • Organic and industrial waste recycling;
  • Biogas and biofuel production;
  • Transformation processes in agribusiness;
  • Energy industry;
  • Electronics and photovoltaic panel production;
  • Mechanical and surface treatments;
  • Pharmaceutical, cosmetics and healthcare industry; and
  • Chemical and detergents industry

EVALED®: a wide choice of technologies

1. EVALED® PC:  heat pump evaporation

  • The E and R series of the EVALED® range are based on an innovative heat pump vacuum system. That system heats industrial water and subjects it to a pressure of 5 kPa. The heat exchange is designed to promote the accelerated formation of a concentrate with toxic effluents. The distillate production capacity is between 150 and 2000 litres per day.   
2. EVALED® AC: hot/cold water evaporation
  • A/ The EVALED® AC-R

  • To ensure the successful treatment of effluents, this installation takes advantage of a hot water or steam circuit (cogeneration), and brings waste water to a pressure of 5 kPa and to a temperature of 40°C. 

  • This series is equipped with scraped surface with heating jacket heat exchanger: the liquid is sucked in the boiling chamber and then agitated by an helical scraper.

  • It operates in batch mode: wastewater is sucked in continuous, concentrate is discharged in batch when the requested concentration is reached. The distillate is discharged in continuous.

  • The AC R series is a valuable asset for many industrial processes, at both small and medium-sized sites, with a distillate production capacity of between 3,000 and 12,000 litres per day.
  • B/ The EVALED® AC-F range 

  • The effluent and industrial wastewater is heated by a hot water circuit with which it communicates in a heat exchanger. A cold water circuit ensures rapid condensation of liquid discharges. It is an energy saving technology based on waste heat available (hot water or low pressure steam). Models range includes single or double effect units. Under vacuum at low temperature (35-40°C / 95-105°F).

  • The AC F system can produce between 20,000 and 60,000 litres of distillate per day. This range provides the perfect technological solution for larger industrial sites
3. EVALED® RV: mechanical vapor recompression
  • Based on mechanical vapour recompression (MVR) technology, this variant of the EVALED® system uses the power of two steam compression mechanisms.

  • Energy saving technology based on mechanical vapor compression MVR. It works at high temperature (80-90°C / 175-195°F). With the forced circulation, with horizontal tubes heat exchanger, the liquid is pumped at high speed through the tubes and flash in the boiling chamber. RV F evaporator operates in continuous mode: the concentrate is discharged in semi-continuous, the distillate, after heat recovery, continuously.

  • This technique offers:
    • Optimised concentration of effluent;
    • Minimal energy consumption; and
    • A considerable production capacity (between 120,000 and 250,000 litres of distillate per day).    
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